International Association of Fire Fighters - Local 4392

United Professional Firefighters of Derry NH

A Professional is defined as a person who has a job that needs skill, education, or training.

To our members, it means so much more.

It means Service. It means Community. It means Pride. 


Our History

The International Association of Firefighters Local 4392 is made up of 3 former IAFF Locals. Formerly Locals 2620, 3834, and 3353 represented the Firefighters of Derry, Officers of Derry, and the East Derry Fire Precinct. We are recognized by the Town of Derry and the State of New Hampshire as a collective bargaining unit.

Our primary mission is to ensure safety, fair treatment, and equitable working conditions for our members. We do this in a variety of ways, which include collective bargaining, committee representation, political involvement, training, and sending delegates to conferences. In addition, we take a proactive approach in attempting to improve our knowledge base and skillsets, so that the fire and EMS services our members are able to provide to the citizens and visitors of Derry is second to none.

In 2005 the Derry and East Derry Fire Departments merged and formed one Local representing the members of the Derry Fire Department. During this merger, no personnel lost their positions or rank. Currently, there are two bargaining units; the firefighters and officers units are covered under separate bargaining agreements with the Town of Derry. Fire Dispatchers are covered under the Firefighter's bargaining agreement.

The Local has roughly 70 members and has two collective bargaining agreements. The Executive Board is made up of a General President, a Vice President of each unit, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Chief Steward. Each Battalion in the Derry Fire Department has a union steward. The Local is affiliated with the International Association of Firefighters and the Professional Firefighters of NH.

The Derry Fire Department currently staffs four fire stations and 4 Battalions. The Fire Chief and Administrative Offices are located at the Derry Municipal Center at 14 Manning Street.

The line fire personnel work 24 hours on-duty, followed by 72 hours off duty. There are 15-16 firefighters on duty each day in Derry divided up amongst the four stations. Each Battalion consists of a Battalion Chief, a Captain, 3 Lieutenants, and 10-11 Firefighters or Firefighter/Paramedics. Each station is staffed with an officer, firefighter, and a firefighter/paramedic. In addition to this personnel, the department has a Chaplain from the Salvation Army. A Director of EMS, Director of the Mechanical Division, a Director of Fire Prevention, Fire Inspector, and Communications Supervisor were added years ago.

Our Current Executive Board


President Ronald Sebastian

President Sebastian joined the department in 2001. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant.


Vice President Timothy Hebert

 Vice President Hebert joined the Department in 2005.


Vice President Gregory Laro

Vice President Laro joined the department in 2002. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant. 


Secretary Al Daviault

Secretary Daviault joined the department in 2001. 


Treasurer Matthew Evans

 Treasurer Evans joined the department in 2001. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant. 


Chief Steward Robert DeGroot

Chief Steward DeGroot joined the department in 2001.



Battalion 1 Steward Brian Croteau. Brother Croteau joined the Department in 2017.


 Battalion 2 Steward Thomas Porter Brother Porter joined the Department in 2004.


 Battalion 3 Steward Stephen Finn. Brother Finn joined the Department in 2016.


 Battalion 4 Steward William Thalheimer. Brother Thalheimer joined the Department in 2016


 Officers Steward Anthony Rossignol. Brother Rossignol joined the Department in 2001. 


 Officers Steward Thomas Beaumont. Brother Beaumont joined the Department in 2012. 


 Communications Steward Jacob Pelletier. Brother Pelletier joined the Department in 2015.